Titleist TSi2 and TSi3 Fairway Woods

TSi2 and TSi3 Fairway woods After extensive testing, it was found that both clubs produce the same ball speed and carry distances. …

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Fairway vs Hybrid

Comparison: Fairway wood or Hybrid We tested a 19º fairway wood against a 19º hybrid. See below for the data collected, and …

The Ball: Short Game

We all want the ability to pitch the ball and stop it quickly on the green. For most of us, it is …

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  Pitching is a shot that can be any distance from 10m to 100m so for that reason, it’s a difficult shot …

gc quad with ricky fowler using same technology as mount maunganui golf coaches mark brown alex peterson

GC Quad Launch Monitor & Simulator Screen

  The Golf Learning Centre is excited to announce that the indoor coaching facility at Mount Maunganui Golf Course is now complete …

Mount Maunganui Golf Lessons -Ball position – irons and fairway woods.

Ball position – irons and fairway woods.

To strike the ball consistently it’s important to control the low point of your swing and where the the ball is positioned …

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