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Fairway vs Hybrid

Comparison: Fairway wood or Hybrid

We tested a 19º fairway wood against a 19º hybrid. See below for the data collected, and how it can help you make a decision between the two clubs.

Captured data from testing

The first thing to note is the distances are almost exactly the same. The way the ball reaches its end point though, is very different. The main parameter that influences this difference is launch angle. Head construction and CG (centre of gravity) location is the main reason for this difference. See below for CG locations of the Fairway wood and Hybrid used for this test.

Fairway wood Centre of Gravity
Hybrid Centre of Gravity - club fitting

When the CG location is low and further away from the point of impact, launch will increase. And when the CG is higher and closer to the point of impact the launch will decrease. As shown on the left diagram in the data collected, the peak height of the fairway wood is significantly higher than the hybrid. 


How does this information help you? Depending on how you hit your long clubs, what course you play, or if you need help hitting it higher or lower, we can fit you into one or the other to suit your game. Most current fairway woods and hybrids have loft adjustability to really fine tune your launch, backspin, and peak height preferences. To find out even more information about how a fairway wood or hybrid fitting could help your game, contact us, or book in a club fitting with one of our team.


Conditions of the test:


Tested indoors on a hitting mat with GCQuad. Pro V1 golf balls were used. 


Specs for clubs:

Ping G425 Fairway Wood 19º (17.5º set +1.5º), Alta CB Slate Stiff shaft (42 ½”)

Ping G425 Hybrid 19º, Alta CB Slate Stiff Shaft (40 ¼”)

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