The Ball: Short Game

We all want the ability to pitch the ball and stop it quickly on the green. For most of us, it is a lot easier than you think. Possibly the biggest reason we don’t get spin around the green is simply due to what ball we play. 

I decided to test a premium golf ball (Pro v1x) against a better value ball (TruFeel). I used a Ping Glide Forged 58º wedge and brand new golf balls out of the sleeve. The test was carried out on a mat indoors and the data was captured by GCQuad which is one of the world’s most accurate launch monitors. Between the shots, I changed nothing but the golf ball. (I hit 20 shots with each ball)

See below for the data captured:

The launch monitor catches a range of information about the shot, but the two main parameters to focus on are, Backspin and the Launch Angle.  We want a ball to spin more on shorter shots so we have stopping power. Friction creates spin, spin lowers the launch angle. Higher spin = Lower launch. 

The TruFeel felt great off the clubface, but you can see straight away that it spins 2000rpm less than the Pro v1x and launches over 2º higher. So without changing anything technical, I was able to spin the ball more and launch it lower, which for me, resulted in more control around the green. 

As a fitter, being able to improve someone’s control with a wedge around the green by 2000rpm is huge. Trying to achieve that by investing in new equipment or adjusting your technique can be a long, hard process and is not even guaranteed to be successful. Choosing the golf ball which is better suited to you after a ball fitting will instantaneously influence your golf without any extra effort.

If you want to know more and get further information on how a golf ball can improve your game, book in a ball fitting with us now. To check out the golf balls used in this test visit

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