Titleist TSi2 and TSi3 Fairway Woods

TSi2 and TSi3 Fairway woods

After extensive testing, it was found that both clubs produce the same ball speed and carry distances. How the ball gets there is a very different story.


Looking at the side on ball flight comparison, you can see two very different results. The numbers back up those differences.

TSi2 Launches 1º higher and spins 500rpm more

TSi3 Launches 1º lower and spins 500rpm less


The increased spin and launch on the TSi2 produced a more stable ball flight. Very little curvature for any of the TSi2 shots. The lower launch and spin with the TSi3 gave more freedom to manipulate the shot. Turning the ball over or letting it fall right is made easy.


Both Titleist heads have the Surefit hosel, giving a fitter 16 different loft and lie options to optimise their players performance. The TSi2 head has a fixed weight low and back on the head to help with higher launch and across the face forgiveness. Whereas the TSi3 has the Surefit CG Track which can be used to adjust the centre of gravity to account for strike point and/or ball flight preferences.

How does this information help you?


When fitting golf clubs, strike point consistency is a key element. For the player who hits the ball consistently in one spot on the club face, a TSi3 head could suit you more as a fitter will have the ability to move the centre of gravity behind your strike point to produce maximum ball speed while also adjusting the Surefit hosel to optimise launch and spin. If you are a player who struggles to hit fairway woods consistently, the TSi2 might be preferable as it maximises off centre hit performance. 


We still recommend coming in to get fit and test out all suitable options to maximise your fairway wood performance. To find out even more information about the TSi fairway woods, contact us, or book in a club fitting with one of our team.


Conditions of the test:

Tested indoors on a hitting mat with GCQuad. Pro V1 golf balls were used. 


Specs for clubs:

Titleist TSi2 – 15º, 43″, A1 SureFit setting, Tensei White shaft

Titleist TSi3 – 15º, 43″, A1 SureFit setting, Tensei White shaft

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